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Great North Run 2016

We are delighted that Charles completed the Great North Run on 11th September to raise money for St Clare’s Hospice.

Please contribution to support their wonderful work. Thanks :-)





















Clean Energy - Finance India

In London in March I was involved in a conference detailing the investment opportunity and how best to structure an investment in India. Speakers at the conference included senior representatives of the British and Indian governments, foreign investors in India and advisors with experience structuring successful Indian investments. Further information can be found here: or email







If you are going to be at a conference or want to catch up afterwards, please contact me.

The article: "Poll positions: market opening and political risk"  anlyses the political risks facing water companies as they prepare for the opening of retail competition in water supply.  To download the article click the following button.





The article was published in THE WATER REPORT,  December 2014.  To see the latest stories in THE WATER REPORT click here.



Are we ready for CfDs  

Contracts for Difference (CfDs) are the heart of the biggest change to the UK electrcity markets since privatisation in 1990.  To download my analysis which was published in New Power magazine in October 2014 click the following button.





To go to the New Power website click here. 



A personal aseessment of the Contracts for Difference support mechanism for low carbon generation was published in the Project Finance International magazine in September 2014.  To download the article please click the button.





To see the latest stories in Project Finance International click here.


If you have any problems downoading an article please email me at

Poll positions Are we ready for CfDs? CfDs a personal assessment

Recently published in Energy Engineering, Charles writes about the current state of technology in the offshore wind industry. To download the article click the following button. Click here to view the Energy Engineering website

State of the art

See our latest comment on the 2015 Capacity Auction published in the infrastructure finance magazine Inspiratia


Charles Yates, managing director of CmY Consultants, said, "The key parameters for the 2015 auction are similar to the 2014 auction, suggesting the government is hoping for a similar result, particularly with regard to the low clearing price of £19.40/kW."


In 2014, 94% of contracts were awarded to existing or refurbished units, with Yates adding, "The industry is looking for a high price to support the investment in new capacity which was lacking in the 2014 auction." Click here to view the full article

Recently published in The Water Report, Charles writes as "Industry Insider" about pricing water in a competitive market via integrated resource management. To download the article click the following button. Click here to view the Water Report website

Pricing Water in a Competitive Market

My thoughts on the Future of Northern Ireland Renewables Support have recently been published in this report. To download the paper click the following button.

The Future of Northern Ireland Renewables Support

As recently reported in I have been involved with helping develop India's offshore wind and the tendering process. To read the full article click the following button.

UK Helps Develop India’s Offshore Wind, First Tendering Process Expected in 2018 Clean Energy Finance India

My latest article on Indian renewables which has been published by Thompson Reuters in Project Finance International’s Global Energy Report To read the full article click the following button.

Foreign Investment floods into India Charles running - web